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Availien X Martian 👽 collab 💥💥💥

We are excited to unleash our Availien Technology™️ in this new partnership with the biggest brokerage in the game.

We will change insurance and risk management in the auto dealership space forever.

Sathyan Laloo (Vice President, Marsh Canada Limited) says,

We are excited to announce Avail Risk Management & Consulting as the newest Co-Broker on the Marsh CAP Dealership Program.

Avail Risk Management & Consulting is a Burlington, Ontario based start-up, founded by an award winning, dynamic and experienced insurance professional who provides a fresh approach to insurance, fusing cutting-edge technology with irreplaceable human connection. With their existing footprint in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and beyond, we look forward to offering dealerships across the country our specialized insurance product and associated risk control.

As the first true Ai powered brokerage, utilizing their own Insurtech; David and his team are able to streamline every step in the risk management and stewardship process, while reducing the cost of insurance and their carbon footprint.

Welcome David Leadbetter and all Availiens!


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