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Availien Sighting - on stage at Insurance Business Canada Magazine Specialty Insurance summit.

Special thanks to those who came out yesterday to hear expert panelists discuss all things cyber security, cyber insurance & cyber risk management. It was an honour to be asked to present on such an important topic in todays modern & ever changing risk landscape.

Cyber shield - full autonomous Ai and bot powered cyber security for our clients, proactive cyber risk management at its best. Availien Technology - Cyber Shield offers a proactive approach, ensuring our clients have the best protection possible to avoid triggering their policies, including.

▪ Cybersecurity Training (Reduce Human Risk) in bite size weekly sessions with tracking.

▪ Dark web monitoring.

▪ Centrally managed shields, Next Gen malware detection.

▪ Updated malware signatures.

▪ Software scanning / patching.

▪ Locate, lock, wipe devices.

▪ Extend management to mobile phones.

▪ Ransomware vault.

▪ Secure web gateway.

▪ Vulnerability scanning.

▪ Penetration testing.

▪ Secure service edge.

▪ Detailed monthly reporting with central monitoring to ensure your cybersecurity is always active and working to protect you, our security operations center (SOC) is augmented with a human touch, collectively monitoring operations 24x7, with remote assistance for you.


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