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It’s Rare That We Find This Level Of Innovation In The Broker Space


At INSURTECH CANADA we thrive on discovering and profiling disruptive innovators in the insurance industry. It’s rare that we find this level of innovation in the broker space in particular. Well today we found it!

Our founder John Harvey recently sat down w/ Avail Risk Management & Consulting founder & CEO David Leadbetter - who recently launched a new brokerage with the mission to “be of service”.

To quote Harvey - “It’s not often I get this excited about a brokerage or anything #insurtech#fintech related but after sitting down for a pre-podcast coffee chat with the Avail founder and man at the helm of this exciting new ship , I have to say. I’m excited.”

Their creation and use of Ai technology to streamline the quoting process and remove bodies from low-level administrative tasks, small business process (saving small businesses money - by reducing policy administration costs), allows them to double down and over serve the mid to large market clients.

Their use of blockchain technology in the captive space in addition to their super slick “Avail Black Card” for clients, acting as a digital wallet for all things insurance related is just incredible.

They have built a wildly successful and talented team with a strong and deep bench of leaders in a record amount of time while working with all the major insurance partners.

We’ve already heard numerous carriers comment on the vision of Avail and who whole heartedly support their social enterprise mission and servant leadership values at the core of the business.

They have shortened the length of the work week, improved the holiday structure, producer compensation and what it means to be a full service brokerage now and as I see it…into the future. Avail is setting a new bar - look out folks - this is the level of disruption we live for!

David Leadbetter is a high energy, dynamic leader, absolutely hilarious and wild to sit down and chat with.

Harvey noted: “When I stumbled upon this rare gem - I took a deep dive into Avail and I have to say…this is what the future of insurance in North America needs to aspire to…

Why? Because insurance needs a soul and needs to lead with service and be more meaningful and accessible to society and their policyholders - who’s closer to policyholders than brokers?... I’ve always been bullish on brokers and this makes me double down on that bet!”

Check them out - this is one to watch and catch our podcast interview in the coming weeks.


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