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Technology was Created Out of Necessity


Founder David Leadbetter has been a top insurance professional for almost 20 years and saw the need for true advancements in an old industry. Realizing the Insurtech products being launched were years behind and not what was truly needed in the insurance space, he went out an assembled a team of the best cyber architects, coders and web3 professionals Canada had to offer and began building out products he needed. 


In 2022 Avail and AVAILIEN Technology was born and in a short amount of time the technology company has secured partnerships and contracts with the largest insurance brokerage on the planet and two of the big four accounting firms all utilizing the power of AVAILIEN Technology’s first launch. 

AVAILIEN Technology’s first launch Availien guard have taken off garnering them investment capital, private equity attention and David a spot on stage with some of the countries best. 


AVAILIEN Technology’s next release in June is Slingstone -- a next level CRM/BMS system for SME brokerages around the world. It removes the need for a brokering staff and will rival Applied Epic system being slicker, faster and more user friendly. AVAILIEN Technology listed to the feedback from Epic users and build what they feel is a superior product for the market. 


Avail Coin, with our Dubai Partner, will release our Captiva Token this year,  which looks to revolutionize all lines of insurance.  More in our product section. 

First Launch


Our mission is to fuse cutting-edge tech with an irreplaceable human connection. 


AVAILIEN Technology was born from the idea that we can do more -- we can do more for our clients, more for our community, and more for the world.   

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