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Avail Becomes Insurtech Canada Official Sponsor

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March 14, 2023 - Avail Risk Management & Consulting, North America's first insurance-based social enterprise, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Insurtech Canada, an innovation-focused community think tank based in Ontario that nurtures the development of new ideas within the insurance industry.

As the first true Ai powered brokerage, utilizing their own Insurtech; David and his team of cyber architects, risk managers, insurance professionals and bots are able to streamline every step in the risk management and stewardship process, while reducing the cost of insurance and their carbon footprint.

Avail is committed to creating positive social impact and transforming the insurance industry with their six game changing insurtech releases in 2023 completely automating risk management, data storage, cyber security and the client experience.

Insurtech Canada continues to bring together investors, insurers, start-ups, and other stakeholders in the insurtech ecosystem to make Canada a world-class market for insurance innovation. By partnering with Avail Risk Management & Consulting, Insurtech Canada will have access to a valuable network of experts who are passionate about transforming the insurance industry.

President & CEO of Avail Group Of Companies, David Leadbetter, said of the sponsorship, “As an innovative broker and Canadian insurtech company, we believe in contributing to the national insurance technology community by “being of service” in a way that enables all stakeholders to advance including our competitors. Our recent partnership with Marsh Insurance is just one example of how we can collaborate with industry peers for the betterment of the whole. We believe Insurtech Canada is an effective mechanism that brings together competitors and peers along with thought leaders and innovation trailblazers in one community. We believe it is our duty to contribute to the overall advancement of the industry that has done so much for us!”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such an innovation leader in the broker space like Avail. In a very short period of time Avail has made some big moves and did not shy away from supporting our community in a significant way. We expect Avail will contribute significantly to our mission of advancing the cause for innovation in insurance in Canada and beyond!”, added John Harvey, founder of Insurtech Canada.

Together, Avail Risk Management & Consulting and Insurtech Canada will work towards advancing innovation and promoting the development of socially responsible insurance solutions. This partnership will allow for increased collaboration and knowledge sharing, benefiting not only the two organizations but the insurance industry as a whole.

Meetups across Canada to Increase Insurtechs’ Exposure

Insurtech Canada is organizing a series of meetups across the nation that bring together various professionals from the insurtech industry such as founders, investors, brokerages, MGAs and insurance carriers. These events offer an opportunity for startups and existing businesses to gain exposure through a range of programs and channels provided by Insurtech Canada. The meetups also function as a networking platform where attendees can establish meaningful connections with others in the industry, potentially opening new doors for their businesses.

Insurtech Canada's events feature industry experts who offer first-hand advice on growing businesses and leveraging market trends. This sponsorship demonstrates Avail Risk Management & Consulting’s commitment to supporting Insurtech Canada's ongoing efforts to foster innovation in the insurance industry and advance the insurtech community.

About Insurtech Canada

Insurtech Canada is a community, incubator and think tank that cultivates innovation within insurance. They bring together investors, insurers, start-ups and other stakeholders in the insurtech ecosystem. Insurtech Canada cultivates connections and stronger dialogue between these parties, with an emphasis on creating awareness for new and existing Canadian insurtech start-ups. Insurtech Canada also brings to the table international community partnerships designed to help start-ups thrive and transform the insurance industry.

About Avail Risk Management & Consulting

Avail is North America's first insurance-based social enterprise. It is the only insurance brokerage donating 10% of all revenues back into the community. Find out more: here.


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